Excerpts from the latest Amanita letter from Manfred Zimmel:

Matthew 24-24 (double 24 = heaven & wonders) says that false messiahs will perform great wonders & miracles. A person looking into our time 2000 years ago would have seen so much being labelling as ‘wonders & miracles’. This technological advance has been enabled by science, which has therefore become a surrogate or pseudo religion: science as a false god, as a special form of humanism (worship of man). Science is one way how the 666 beast keeps humanity entrapped in a false reality (matrix) far from the true, divine reality. Hence the antichrist propagates a mechanical understanding of science, which is enough for a technical implementation of inventions, but locks the door towards higher insights. Today’s problem is the lack of criticism of science & technology, without any meaningful engineering results assessment. This is propagated by the political & philosophical false teachings of the antichrist: left ideologies, positive thinking & humanism. All 3 try to ‘destroy’ the cross=human suffering, which is in 180° contrast to the teaching of the boss (Matthew 10:38): „Whoever does not take up their cross and follow me is not worthy of me.” A cross is something very heavy (so that Simon of Cyrene had to help Jesus Christ), it has 4 cusps & thus numerologically represent the number 4 = earth element. The biggest possible perversion of this principle is the ungrounded US style of positive thinking: „Take it easy.“ Taking something easy means ignoring the heavy component (=cross). These falsities are also the reason why so many misunderstandings regarding technological progress exist. Compared with Atlantis the official state of the art is not more than Stone Age. Still (or because of that), the civilization of Atlantis crashed. In our case technology will lead to the civilizational crash, too.

Revelation 13-18: “Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is 666.” What a ‘coincidence’ that BERGOGLIO has a sum of 666 according to the ASCII code, as required by the Holy Bible (Link).The Indian pastor Sundar Selvaraj has stressed that BerGOGlio is the antichrist, because one major Biblical prophecy was fulfilled on June 8, 2014 (Link). On the same day asteroid 2014 HQ124 passed by earth, which was strangely called the beast by NASA (although this name was later withdrawn)… In late 2019 Jorge B. has trumped the Holy Seat for 6.66 years, a perfect match for the beginning of the 42 months of the 666 beast… The Google Pope does what many expected: he wants to establish a one-world religion (Link). The Pope is the successor of Peter & thus the official representative of Christ on earth. That’s why nobody on earth can be as anti-Christian as the Pope himself. In 2014 a speaker of Francis stated that unfortunately the second coming of Jesus Christ would not happen (Link). Because when making this promise Jesus Christ was allegedly drunk, and when you are drunk you easily make  promises you can’t keep. So the Pope slowly fulfills the prophecy from Revelation 13: “And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies; and power was given unto him to continue 42 months.” The past 2000 years have delivered myriads of hints that point to our age & this very person, again we have to observe the trinity principle. In his book Prophezeiungen über das Ende der Welt (2009) on page 87 Fabio Ribeiro de Araujo quotes a Capuchin monk who many centuries ago predicted 3 simultaneous end times Popes (during the devastation of Italy): a German, an Italian & a Greek. At present we indeed have a white regular Pope Ratzi (German), an Italian black AntiPope – so #3 from Greece is still missing. In verse 1-87 Nostradamus mentions a long war between the 2 Popes (2 ‚rocks‘), according to the code of Benoit d’Andrimont possibly until 2029. This Pope triplicity also explains why the list of Popes mentioned by the 400+year old Malachias prophecies is formulated in a way that is not entirely clear whether or not BerGOGlio will be the last Pope. As so often, ambiguities in prophecies are an intended code. The number of Popes is either 266 (#112 in the Malachias list) or 267 (#113 in the Malachias list), depending on the interpretation of whether the 2 final sentences mean one or two Popes. At any rate, #111 was Ratzi, who was predicted in 2005 in the premium area as the next Pope immediately after the death of John Paul II – although his chances were estimated to be almost non-existent among the dozens of candidates. The olives hint for Pope #265 (#111 @ Malachias‘) only made sense for Ratzi, because of the events of 2009 in Israhell (Link). Later the olive hint was confirmed by his name selection Benedict, since the Olivetans are a branch of the Benedictine monks. So calling the next Pope in early 2005 was the first Amanita prediction *exclusively* based on prophecies. Rill’s military letters obviously refer to the Malachias list, because he mentions that seat 12 (=Pope Francis) is full of terror & murders. There is a reason why the EU emergency number is 112, just as it is not a coincidence that the US emergency number is 911. The EU is a continuation of the Holy Roman Empire. Also, there are about 112 generations between 2 Nibiru returns according to the Kolbrin Bible (32-33 years per male generation). The 112 is also a code for Islam: the Koran has 112+2 surahs, the last two to seek refuge were added later.  The Mexican theologian José Alberto Villasiana Monjia lists 7 good reasons why the resignation of Pope Benedict was invalid, so Ratzi is still the righteous Pope. Since 2013 we have a black AntiPope, for the first time since the Middle Ages. Ratzi is 91 & Gog 82: these high ages tell us that the 3 rd Pope has to show up pretty fast. Benedict was born on 4/16/1927 (close to the birth date of Hitler: dictator degree 29° Aries), in Altötting, Germany: only 60-70 km north of the Untersberg Mountain, similar to Braunau, Austria (birth town of Hitler). This geographical proximity is of course not a coincidence, because the Untersberg Mountain will be the next Temple Mount. Other hints: 1. Don Bosco‘s timing statement ‘2 full moons in a blossoming month’ (March-June) points to 2026 & 2037, likely a double code: beginning of the pacification in 2026, when the later great monarch Henry the Lucky starts his campaign to get Europe back from the cultural enrichers. However, true world peace won’t be possible before 2037. 2. Two centuries ago Anna Katharina Emmerich predicted two Popes for the end times. She even saw the name of Pope Francis in her 10/4/1820 vision. 3. The prophecy of La Salette stated in 1846 that Rome (= Vatican) would become the seat of the antichrist. 4. Saint Cosmas of Aetolia (1714-1779) of Mount Athos also blamed the Pope for the big war (Link). Cosmas named some signs when this will happen, the most interesting is his statement #84, when the devil will walk around with pumpkins: the black magical Halloween madness from the US didn’t get popular in Europe before the 3 rd millennium. 5. Even the Fatima prophecy suggests that Francis is *not* the righteous Pope, if you read between the lines: the Fatima children were not sure whether or not they indeed saw the Pope, they just ‘felt’ it was the Pope. Amazingly, on 5/13/17 BerGOGlio said that *he* is the white dressed bishop/ Pope from the prophecy of Fatima, who flees & will be killed (Link). 6. This scene could (also?) refer to Pope Benedict, because in 1914 (33×3 years before the putsch of the Google Pope) Pope Pius X had a vision that one of his successors with *his* name will flee over corpses of priests. He will briefly hide in an abditory, but he will be traced & murdered. The civil first name of Pius X was Giuseppe, which is the Italian version of Joseph (Ratzinger). Bottom line: Francis definitely is #1 of the black trinity. According to Helmut Lungenschmid (page 374/ 375 in his second book), antichrist #2 is Maitreya, worshipped by new agers. Lungenschmid already saw him in 1973 during his death experience: a man with dark skin, black medium-length hair & a piercing look, dressed in white. According to Benjamin Crème, Maitreya has lived in the Indian-Pakistan community in London since 7/19/77 (with the 777). Creme was born on December 12, 1922 (with the maximum yin number 222) & he died in fall 2016, precisely at the beginning of the Jewish year 777 (abbreviation of 5777), at the beginning of the 7+7+7=21 apocalyptic years. Mario Reading published his book on Nostradamus & the antichrist in early 2011, and ‚accidentally‘ the ‚world teacher Maitreya‘ first appeared on TV in early 2011 (anonymously)… The #3 of the black trinity of the 666 beast is the Islamic leader frizzled & black beard’, mentioned by Nostradamus. Many verses in the Holy Bible describe modern war machines such as tanks, which will eventually kill 1/3 of humanity, i.e. 2-3 billion (Link). In relative terms this is 11 times more than WW2 with casualties of ‘only’ 3% of the world population, however, in absolute terms  WW3 will have a 20-40fold death toll. Wars, earth changes, epidemics & infertility should reduce the world population by more than 95% to 300-400 million by 2067 (end of 100-year transition period from Dark Age to Golden Age since 1967). Revelation 9/ 16-19: The number of the mounted troops was 200 million. I heard their number [number of supporters of the Jihad]. The horses and riders I saw in my vision looked like this: Their breastplates were fiery red, dark blue, and yellow as sulfur. The heads of the horses resembled the heads of lions, and out of their mouths came fire, smoke and sulfur. A third of mankind was killed by the three plagues of fire, smoke and sulfur that came out of their mouths [muzzle flash]. The power of the horses was in their mouths and in their tails; for their tails were like snakes, having heads with which they inflict injury. On 8/1/1972 during a meeting of the Council of 13, the (previous) top illuminati & satanist John Todd read a letter sent from London (Link), handwritten by Philipp Rothschild, where on 30 pages he described the plan to reach the satanic NWO (=age of Aquarius). I want to stress that the ‘age of Aquarius’ desired by new agers is identical with the reign of the she-devil. On 12/20/2019 Venus (the morning star was called Lucifer in the Roman Empire) enters into Aquarius, and from this day on many planets (also the slow ones Saturn, Jupiter & Pluto) enter the chaos sign Aquarius, the astrological NWO signature (ordo ab chaos). This is one important reason why in late December 2019 the 42 months of the reign of Lucifer will begin.

Saving Democracy

My title was crafted with my tongue firmly in my cheek. Democracy can neither be saved nor should it be saved.  We are getting an abject lesson in its many failures.  As with any form of government, whether communism or royalty, democracy is a mere tool.  As with all tools, the most important feature is whomever is wielding it.  A good, sharp knife can be deployed by a slashing, stabbing serial killer or by a talented chef in preparing a feast.  Same tool, different outcomes.

It’s clear today, as some saw over the past 100 plus years, that corrupt people have achieved a state of both insanity and depravity with this tool; yet this can be apprehended as a natural process.  When a formerly majestic tree dies and falls to the ground, the corrupting life forms such as larvae and fungi, and the entire ecology built upon the dead tree, has but one future event in its trajectory: the turning of tree into dirt.  All things born must die, whether animal, person, club, nation or empire.  Everything gets a beginning, a middle and an end.  But with the end comes a beginning. As the old tree lay corrupting on the ground, one of its progeny stands three feet tall, a beneficiary of the large hole in the canopy where the parent had spread its limbs, and now the rich dirt of the former tree.  It is to this sapling that I address my words of admonishment.

Voting. I think it works great for small clubs, but giant nations? But then I am a believer in flocking, which I describe as anarchy with species primacy. But back to the vote and how to make it efficacious: I propose the following structures:

  1. No voting by anyone employed by a government or by a company whose business is more than 50% government dependent. All these people have a conflict of interest. Letting them vote is like holding 15 active alcoholics in a bar. If the conflict of interest is managed, doing so has the statistical probability of snow in August. The government is a living entity. It first seeks to sustain itself and secondly seeks to expand itself. Nonstop vigilance is required.
  2. No voting by anyone who receives 50% or more of their living expenses from government largesse. The conflict of interest here is even greater than with government employees. If such a group were to vote they would be the patsy of every politician with the promise of largesse on their lips. It is the raiding of the treasury by spendthrift politicians and their opportunistic constituents that leads to bankruptcy – the state to which all democracies descend.
  3. Children receive a vote, cast by their parents from the day of the child’s birth to the day before their 29th birthday. It must be recognized that by any definition of culture or species or society, the role of parenting must be held in high esteem and supported by the culture/species/society. The voting mechanism expresses this best by affording a vote to every child and having that vote wielded by the parents until full adulthood is achieved. Without a family focus the culture/species/society is in its death-throes. While most will appreciate the many reasons for not accepting the vote of the average four year old, some will push for a lower voting age than my age of 29. If I were negotiating, this may the first item I would let go, but I have found that from puberty to age 29, children are in a state of unbalance with some frequency. There are exceptions, and that is why I favor flocking behavior, but it is simply too easy to dupe people aged 18 to 29. Just as 16-year-old males have high car insurance rates, this group is impaired as an aggregate.
  4. Small business owners receive an additional vote. This is simply a reflection of having skin in the game. It ameliorates the influence of poor decision makers and risk assessors. Think in terms of finding someone to manage your life savings. Imagine a 46-year-old woman with two kids in college, and imagine that she owns a financial consulting business with 14 employees. Then imagine a 23-year-old man who lives in his parent’s basement, is on unemployment compensation and drinks too much. Obviously it would be a mistake to hand investment power over to the fellow in the basement. Giving the small business owner the same vote as the basement dweller when it is the government that needs managing is an equally drastic mistake.

Skin in the game is a big issue. Academics, politicians, bureaucrats and bank CEOs are notorious for having little or no skin in the game. They all have a disproportionate exposure to the upside and little to no exposure to the downside of their decisions, advice and proclamations. Everyone else pays the price for these people’s mistakes. Unfortunately both laziness and greed play a role in these exploitations. Again, we have to be vigilant in this arena. I propose the following:

  1. No one serves in government, at any level, for more than six years. This applies to top politicians and lowly bureaucrats equally. At the top people treat elected and appointed government positions as acts of charity. They receive a moderate income and only the most high-minded are considered for office. Low and medium level bureaucrats are highly paid, but receive no pension or post work perquisites. They tend to be young people gaining experience, know-how and know-who in advance of their apprenticeships.
  2. The college system is largely replaced by the apprenticeship system.
  3. No one who worked for the government may work as a lobbyist. No one who worked as a lobbyist may work in government.
  4. If a politician or high-level political appointee is convicted of corruption they will be condemned to death as traitors.

Justice and the law are infrequent bedfellows. Laws beget laws, beget loopholes, beget self-serving institutions. Laws reflect a machine mindset and as such are adversarial to people. I propose that all laws are abolished and replaced by a small number of principles, with wise elders adjudicating interpretation of the principles. The usual expectations and limits of government service are attached to this process also. I further propose that all prisons be abolished. Caging people is inhumane. If someone cannot be loved back into society and presents a real threat to others, they will be killed. For many – those possessed by demons and sociopaths and psychopaths – death would offer freedom from an empty life. Tolerance of a few bad apples who ruin things for everyone else is not acceptable. Kindness and generosity have their place but also their limits.

All of the above works best and most easily when small populations are under each umbrella. Countries the size of the USA and China are too unwieldy. More than anything else, shear size offers temptations to troublemakers not present in smaller groupings. This also allows for an easier specialization of regions, thereby satisfying a larger number of lifestyles.

I would add here that no plan is final, and no viewpoint permanent. Improvisation is required. Benevolent intent and a focus on a strong, positive outcome are more important than any single idea or set of ideas.  And remember: Every action creates an equal and opposite reaction.  Always account for these reactions.


Big Pharma embodies the notion that multi-national corporations are adversarial to Humans. Here is an excerpt from Jon Rappaport’s blog:

“In 1992, I was deeply engaged in researching the specific devastating effects of medical drugs. Eventually, I concluded that, at the highest levels of power, these drugs weren’t destructive by accident. They were intended to cause harm. This was covert chemical warfare against the population of the planet. The Rockefeller-Standard Oil-Farben connection was a primary piece of the puzzle.

It was, of course, Rockefeller (and Carnegie) power that had forced the birth of pharmaceutical medicine in America, with the publication of the 1910 Flexner Report. The Report was used to excoriate and marginalize Chiropractic, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, and other forms of traditional natural practice, in favor of what would become the modern juggernaut of drug-based treatment.”

The Aesthetics of the Slow Planets

When we are children the adult world is like an ill-fitting jacket; everything around you was made by someone who was born a generation or more earlier. Their aesthetics, and the configuration of the slow planets at their birth, differ from those at your birth.

Gradually this changes. First is the experience of spending more and more time with your peers, and then your generation enters the workforce. By the time we experience our mid-30s through mid-40s, most that is new in the world has been designed by our peers. From appliances to cars, stereo buttons, app design and even philosophy, the aesthetics of the slow planets governing you and your peers birth become a driving and dominant force in the world.

Then, just as slowly as this dominance developed, it begins to erode. By age 60 nearly all that is new is created by people a generation younger than you. The world is once again an ill-fitting jacket, and becomes more so with advancing age, until finally, at death, the world is so poorly fitting we can’t persist in it a moment longer.

Three Erroneous Plausibilities Regarding the Nature of Reality

While I am convinced that the true nature of our predicament will be surprising, even baroque, should we learn it, and therefore all speculation is moot, the views in circulation are so terribly wrong I feel compelled to spell out a few more likely scenarios:

One: The progenitor is a gangster god and treats this universe as its private casino in order to experience the upside of duality without the downside.  The denizens of this universe suffer exactly as casino-goers suffer and with a similar elan.

Two: Consciousness is a parasitic virus and is running its course.

Three: Conscious entities have so thoroughly plumbed creative opportunities that they seek increasingly arcane venues for the novelties offered.  Think of our lifetime here as a ten minute trance bought and paid for at a carnival.  You sit drooling in a chair, with plans to hit a multi-dimensional roller coaster afterwards, as your Human life unfolds, decade after decade after decade. When you awake you are handed a napkin for the drool. At least half of those who choose the “ride” softly mutter “fuck” after opening their eyes.


Three Strikes in One Month – Consuming Amidst Mediocrity

I read a lot, and almost entirely fiction (the truth behind the lie). When driving I listen to audio cd recordings of books read by actors, and I drive a lot. I keep a book in my car for reading at coffee shops and a book by my bed for nighttime reading. Audio cds are problematic as only the most mainstream books can afford the cost of hiring and recording a reader. I often read books a second time due to the low quality of available fiction. But I love stories and tolerate this.

Recently, just in the month of November, I listened to three audio books that were disappointing. In each case I had read a lot by the author; their track records were stellar and my expectations high. The dearth of good fiction means that I eagerly await the release of new work by proven authors.

The first book was Lethal White by Robert Galbraith, aka JK Rowling of Harry Potter fame. The three preceding books in this series about a London detective (Cormorant Strike) and his partner were superb. The fourth book, Lethal White, was not terrible but simply and disappointingly ordinary.

The second book was an oldie by Michael Crichton. Early on I read him as a guilty pleasure; he was formulaic but good at what he did. I believe I have read at least half of his oeuvre. Crichton’s Jurassic Park was disappointing from beginning to end; it was as if it was his first novel and he was stumbling through it, but it was not his first and paled next to the earlier works I have read.

The last book was another guilty pleasure; the author does not rub shoulders with John Fowles or E. M. Forster. The author is Lee Child (Jim Grant) and this was his eighteenth book in a series focused on the character Jack Reacher. It’s typical superhero stuff along the line of Sherlock Holmes, but for me the stories are like pure candy (likely almost all his readers are men). This 18th book, Past Tense, is read by a new reader who falls short of Dick Hill’s work on the previous 17 novels, but much worse than this was the writing. It does not even seem like the same writer. I am so disappointed I will be writing the publisher to convey how terrible this book was.

The read these three books consecutively, all in the month of November. What they have in common is the authors are hugely successful. When they sit down to type they know beyond a doubt that they are about to make hundreds of dollars per minute of typing. They know that vast swathes of readers will be buying their latest release. Naturally this creates pressures to produce whether or not inspiration is present.

The Christmas marketing season begins the day after Halloween. I guess this is the risk of buying audio books designed to snag Christmas sales (Lethal White and Past Tense). I have been perusing the used audio books on Amazon and elsewhere, but I quickly run into the problem of rare editions. A new author I am enjoying is Rex Stout who wrote about detective Nero Wolfe from 1934 until 1974. I have a number of used audio books by him, but am stymied by the exorbitant price tags on his hard-to-find material.


An Errant Parent, An Heir Apparent

Robin Hood, Robbing Hoodlum

Words both reveal and obscure.  They are paradox incarnate. Words may aptly describe half of the world, but they fool us into imagining that they describe all of the world.  Nevertheless, we are always a little startled when a good poem manages to describe more than half the world.  Such is art.

Words have sealed off Humans from the rest of the world.  The paradox of words blinds us to the paradox of duality.  It is words, first and foremost, that make the majority blind, ignorant and stupid.  Words are both the smoke and the mirrors that populate our universe.  With words, as with all of duality, we take one step forward, and one step back.